Welcome To Stevenson!

We are glad you are here!  It wasn’t too long ago when we were new!  If you are a “Kinder Parent”, there are a lot of questions that need answers because all of this school stuff is new.  And for those parents that may be new to Stevenson, but are old pro’s at this school stuff…all you may need is a little guidance to get you acclimated to the way we do things.

Most parents want to learn as much as possible about how their child is doing in class, what special events or assemblies they may be involved in, up and coming field trips or learn about the approval process for in class volunteering and school functions.  All of this, is easily attained!

For the norm, each Monday, all students bring home handouts outlining important details about events, programs or other school and district information. 
Another resource is our weekly E-Blast and you can sign up here for yours! Our goal is to deliver every Sunday evening to get you ready for the week to come!

Also, each class has a Room Representative (RR) and they are led by the Room Representative Vice President.  The goal of our RR is to make sure our parents/families are well informed and to  encourage parent involvement, when possible.  If you need assistance in finding out your specific RR, please contact our VP of Room Reps, Kristine Mandani, at vprr@stevensonpirates.org

Another way to learn about our school is by coming to our monthly Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Families For Stevenson Booster (FFS) meetings.  Those dates are as follows:

  • Aug 18th | 8:30 am
  • Sept 15th | TBD
  • Oct 20th | TBD
  • Nov 17th | TBD
  • Dec 15th | TBD
  • Jan 19th | TBD
  • Feb 16th | TBD
  • Mar 16th | TBD
  • Apr 20th | TBD
  • May 18th | TBD

And last, always be sure and return to visit our website to be kept in the loop of the latest and greatest fun stuff happening at our school. 

Any questions, please reach out to us at ffscommunications@stevensonpirates.org.