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Giving to PTA and FFS makes our school better!

Prepared Students

Academic Achievement

Healthy Development

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Why give


Throughout the years, research has proven that a strong and rich art program in our schools plays a critical part in healthy development.  In particular, one study conducted by Columbia University where over two thousand students were analyzed and studied, demonstrated how the arts helped students “establish the ability to think creatively and with flexibility in imagining ideas and problems from different perspectives, taking imaginative leaps, and layering one thought upon another as part of a process of problem-solving.”  This is why our pledge is to fund an in-school art project for each and every student.  



Additionally, this year, our school will be launching a new emphasis in technology.  FFS, with the support of our families, has been able to fund new Ipads and laptops!  We are also able to provide a new digital literacy program that will help establish a strong foundation for their future.  



We know that your interest and support of these efforts is the key to our success and we sincerely THANK YOU for helping our school be the best it can be for our kids.



How to give


Anyone can give any time and in various ways!!



At Stevenson, we encourage our families to support both our Families For Stevenson (FFS) Booster Club and our Parent Teacher Association (PTA).



For our Families For Stevenson Booster Association, you can make a financial contribution on behalf of your student and their sibling, as well as, on behalf of the entire family, through a one-time annual donation.  One also has the option of a personal monthly donation and if you would like to involve your own business or place of work, we would be more than happy to oblige.  Donate now, HERE!  

For any questions you may have regarding donating to our booster club, please contact our Director of Fundraising, Robyn Taylor, at ffsdonations@stevensonpirates.org.  








You can become a member of our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for $10 per person.  This is a membership to the organization and entitles the member to voting privileges at meetings.  


This means you have a voice regarding how PTA contributes to Stevenson and your child’s education.


Our goal is for every parent to be a member.  We encourage membership for every family member as well as extended family members and friends to join.  Simply click HERE to join!


You can make a donation of any amount anytime and it is 100% tax-deductible!  Thank you!


Click here and donate now!


You can also link our account while you shop at Amazon.  Our school will receive a percentage of the sale!  Simply START HERE.


As you can see, while we have multiple ways you can contribute financially, you can also contribute by volunteering at our events or in-class.  We have a lot of activity in our school throughout the year and we need help bringing all of this to life.  This may mean using your computer from home or working at our fun events.  We accept all and any assistance because we know that our parent team makes the difference between having a great school and an exceptional one!


Working together we will make our school and the programs important for each and every child we serve!