PTA Chair Positions and Descriptions

PTA Chair Positions and Descriptions

Have a passion?  Volunteer to be a chairperson for PTA!

PTA Chair Positions and Descriptions

(New ideas welcome for each programs/fundraisers, but must be approved by Executive Board)

  • All Aboard Meet & Greet
  • Boo Bash
  • Book Fair
  • Breakfast with Buddies
  • Burbank Arts for All
  • Candy Buy Back Program
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Field Trips
  • Garden
  • 5th Grade Haunted Hallway
  • Health & Wellness
  • Holiday Boutique
  • Holiday Charity
  • Honorary Service Awards
  • Hospitality
  • Kindness Committee
  • Lunchtime Athletics
  • My School is Cool
  • Parent Paparazzi
  • Parents Program
  • Pirate Gear
  • Read-a-thon
  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Reflections
  • Science Fair
  • Severely Handicapped Liaison
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Student Directory
  • Student Incentive Program
  • Valentine’s Party
  • Walk to School Day
  • Webmaster
  • Yearbook

All Aboard Meet & Greet

Duties include preparing the week before school begins for a first morning after drop off social meet & greet. Parents are invited to come have coffee and light food provided at a designated location. Make signs, get invite in Facebook groups and Eblast to parents. Secure donated coffee and food or work within the allocated budget. Recruit board or other veteran parents to help at the bell when the kids go to class.


Boo BashOctober Halloween (Fall) Festival



Book Fair

The Book Fair chairperson coordinates with Scholastic and the school to schedule and run the annual Book Fair.  Duties include advertising the event, organizing the set-up and tear-down of the fair, providing teacher previews, setting the fair times and staffing it with volunteers, purchasing and delivering classroom books with donated funds, completing financial reports, and reporting details to the PTA board.  The vast majority of the work is completed in a two-week period at the beginning of the school year.  A co-chairperson is highly recommended.


Breakfast with Buddies


Burbank Arts for All

Attend monthly meetings if you can and report to Board and Association. Involvement in activities if any.


Candy Buy Back Program

Liaison with dentist who runs a candy buy back contest.  Distribute flyer to student body.  Collect leftover Halloween candy at school and deliver to dentist office.


Disaster Preparedness

Each classroom has a bin of disaster preparedness supplies. Also a large bin on the playground houses water bins in it. Keep bins up to date by replacing deteriorated items and expired items. Get group together every 4 years to refill water bins.


Field Trips



Oversee all functional matters concerning the garden.  We are responsible for keeping it open to students one day per week for garden “free time”.  Additionally, EnrichLA will be implementing their educational program with the students one day per week, most likely on Mondays.  We act as liaisons between EnrichLA and the PTA Executive board for any information that needs to be exchanged between those two entities.  It is our position to ensure that EnrichLA and the garden itself have the resources required to function and flourish.  It is also our position to relay any concerns or requests between the school, the PTA Executive board, the garden volunteer base, and the room reps and teachers who undertake participation in the EnrichLA educational program. We coordinate an adequate volunteer participation to keep the garden up and running during the school year and summer months.

5th Grade Haunted Hallway

Traditionally, a fifth grade parent overseas the organization and creation of the hallway that is an attraction at the October Boo Bash Halloween Carnival.

Health and Wellness


Holiday Boutique

Overseas and runs the holiday boutique in the library.  Forms a committee to handle the flyers sent home, purchasing of items to sell and schedule of parent volunteers.

Holiday Charity


Honorary Service AwardsCalifornia PTA program

Distribute nomination forms, work with committee to pick five volunteers etc. for awards. Awards presented at Association meeting.



Provides light snacks and drinks for PTA Association Meetings and possibly other small events based on budget.


Kindness Committee

This chairperson is responsible for carrying out the Kindness Activities each month, and creating a kind, positive and cooperative vibe on campus. The activities may consist of lunch-time activities for grades K-5, and some months the Kindness activity will be put in each student’s cubby to be taken home to work on with their families.

Some activities will also work in conjunction with other monthly themes at school (for example, a Kindness craft during the Valentine’s Day party, the pajama drive in December, etc.).

The Buddy Benches on our campus are a part of this campaign, so chairperson should inspect the benches periodically and report any repairs, or wear and tear so that they may be repaired and/or replaced if needed.

Chairperson is also responsible for putting together the committee and encouraging parent-volunteers to assist with the Activities.


Lunchtime Athletics


My School is Cool

A contest/program run by the Burbank Mall.  Collect receipts in a box in the office and turn in for credit on a regular basis.

Parent Paparazzi

Take pictures of our different school events. Create committee if needed.


Parents Program


Pirate Gear

This is our spirit wear program. Logo shirts and sweatshirts.

Work with printing company to order stock. Organize and arrange for selling of Pirate Gear.  Take payments, place orders, and fill/distribute orders.  Sales and customer service.


Organize and implement the annual readathon.  We are currently using Whooo’s Reading, an online program.

Chair would be responsible for:

  • contacting the company
  • negotiating the fees
  • printing flyers and signup info for children
  • getting teachers involved
  • working the principal to spread the word at assemblies
  • spreading the word through e-blasts, Facebook, website,Twitter, etc.
  • collecting any cash/checks that are submitted
  • keep track of the income/expenses
  • do a final write up on the event for future chairs

Red Ribbon Week

Participating in National Red Ribbon Week. Click here for more Red Ribbon information.

Click here for this year’s video, entitled “I’m Good” used in classrooms.


California state PTA art program competition with theme.

Please see for more information

Create committee for judging – usually participants are staff and community members in the different field catagories. No parents.


Science Fair/Science Night


Severely Handicapped Liaison


Staff Appreciation

District wide week to honor staff

Five days of celebration of the staff


Student Directory

Gather all information with consent from parents.  Input data received and send to print to create a directory that is distributed to each student.

Student Incentive Program


Valentine’s Party

Occurs at lunchtime (usually in the library)

Use Google doc sign up sheet for volunteers for the day of the party. If possible, have sound system outside controlled by volunteer playing music and sidewalk chalk available. Decorate lunch shelter.

Maintain and inventory Valentine Party bin of supplies. Pick a craft for the kids and get approved by principal.

All of the above must be approved by principal.


Walk to School Day

National event



 Maintain website by updating information regularly.