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Stevenson Tile Project Update, June 2016:

It’s summer break for our students, but our special Stevenson Tile Project project leader, Anne Askerneese, has been hard at work!  Look at her progress below!!! Thank you Ann, we can’t wait to see the finished work. 



*This project was made possible with funding from the Burbank Arts for All Foundation! Thank you Burbank Arts for All!



Nice tile accessory for our kid’s water fountain!





Accent wall details throughout our campus! So cute!!!





So nice! Ooo, aaa!! ;>









Stevenson Tile Project Update



The Tile Project is going along well and nearing completion of the student work phase. All class rooms have hand crafted clay tiles, and most classes have already glazed their tiles. Our kiln is working hard each and every week firing the tiles (thank you Families for Stevenson for repairing the kiln). All classes will finish glazing this month. The final product will be mounted and framed on our campus by June (if not sooner). 



 Student tiles reflect elements of natural science. Sharks, butterflies, flowers, weather patterns, and planets were among some of the designs created by students. A big thank you to our 3rd-5th grade teachers for lending us their students to help second through first graders make their tiles. Our “Pirate Pals” were invaluable as they worked along side younger students to form the hand made tiles. It was incredibly encouraging to see our older students working along side the younger ones so well! We are so fortunate to have such a great “Pirate Pals” program at Stevenson. 




Our Kindergarten classes were assisted by wonderful parent volunteers to help make their tiles. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered on this project! It was wonderful to have your support and encouragement along the way.



Ask your children about how green clay is transformed to bisque ware and finally ceramic. Or ask your child about the role math plays with art.



A huge thank you to FFS, PTA, and BAFA (Burbank Arts for All) for funding the Tile Project. Thank you to everyone who makes monetary donations to these programs. You have made this project and other arts programming possible. It has been a true pleasure working with all of our Stevenson students. Thank you Stevenson students whose creativity and enthusiasm is truly inspiring!



Anne Askerneese